BMT Automation Solutions

BMT Transformation & Automation Suite

As a Total Transportation Solutions Specialist, BMT recently embraces digital transformation with the development of several internal application suites to help us improve our customer service processes and a better control of our internal operation.

What is BMT Automation Suite?

The BMT Automation Suite is a multi-module mobile applications that will be deployed and used by BMT team members.

Integrating Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Models, the BMT Automation Suite includes modules for Customer Management, Vendor Management, Procurement Management, Employee Management, Service Jobs Management, Tracking and Trailing, Customer Notifications and Communication, Billing & Payment Automation, Filing and Archiving and more!

Our Objectives for Digital Transformation

With the use of the BMT Automation Suite, we aim to serve our customers faster, more effective as well as more efficient to enhance customers’ experiences with BMT. 

The BMT Automation Suite designs Intelligent Workflows with AI that improve quality outcomes. With better control over the operations, BMT seek to minimise risks and maximise Speed & Scale with AI, Robotics, and Automation. This allow us to Deliver Values to Customers and Empower our Employees. 

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