BMT Transportation Management During Covid-19

BMT Transportation Management During Covid-19

In times of the Covid19 Pandemic, BMT has taken the necessary precautions and SOPs to reduce the impact of Covid19 on our clients, passengers, and our employees. The key objective therefore has to be maintaining the operation safety and protect all passengers from the pandemic without affecting the quality of our operations and customer services.


BMT Group acknowledges that pandemic planning is not a stand-alone project, but should be integrated with our existing crisis management structures and procedures in order to be effective. Taking the leadership of the Malaysian Government and the Health Ministry, BMT has implemented various measures to keep out the Covid19 impact on our industry.

Preventive Measures

Among the preventive measures that we’ve enforced include:

  • Personal Protection of all drivers, passengers, and all employees. We took the initiative in increasing personal protection and hygiene measures to reassure both staff and passengers even if the risk is considered very low.
  • Staffs are reminded of required basic rules of personal hygiene, which includes to regularly wash hands, to sneeze and cough into the elbow and to use paper towels and discard them appropriately after use.
  • Information bulletins are widely made available and reminders are displayed throughout the premises.
  • Staff wash and dressing rooms, meeting rooms and offices are equipped with hand disinfectants.
  • The use of respiratory masks is recommended in Public areas and while operating. 
  • Cleaning routines have been adapted and increased focus are put on disinfecting common surfaces and spots to touch as well as waste disposal.
  • For working places, where no cleaning may be possible between shifts, employees are equipped with the necessary means and be made responsible to remove any waste and disinfect surfaces before taking over as part of the routine.
  • Staff that has to tend sick travelers if encountered, must clean body fluids or potentially contaminated items and surfaces and must wear disposable gloves.

Reduction of Contact

In the operational environment, the following options were enforced to reduce the exposure of our transportation staffs:

  • Maintenance routines for equipment and rolling stock are reviewed in order to ensure inspections are not delayed or affected to ensure utmost safety and performance of our vehicles
  • Continuously seeking contact with local authorities to align crisis plans with the government’s.

Together we can win against the fight against Covid19.


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